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Monday, July 13, 2020

Wooden Floor tiles | Wooden floor tile design | Wooden Flooring | Porcelain Wooden tiles | Installing wooden tiles

Nature at Home:- Wooden Floor tiles

Lets accept the fact that however modern and tech savvy we become, humans can never get away from nature. Nature has always been the quiet pulling force for mankind, and woods, wooden constructions and wooden artifacts, all hold a special place in our heart.
Wooden Floor tiles

Why not bring nature home? Ceramic Tiles Sales, a company dedicated to supply of quality tiles, wishes to make you aware of tiles that depict wooden appearance and have a functionality that beats wooden floors.

Wooden floor tile design

Wooden floor tile designs range from patterns to random designs. Mostly printed into wooden designs in Digital Printing Technology, the wooden patterns can be numerous. Add to that is the color. From reddish mahogany to brownish teak to whitish sandal wood, all can be successfully printed to adorn your floors.
Wooden floor tile design

Wooden Flooring nz

Wooden floor tiles from India are available in sizes of 2’ x 2’ to 3’ x 6’ slabs, serving all sections of planned prices and budgets on wooden tiles.

While the installation cost of wooden floor tiles is no different from other tiles, the basic advantage it offers is that of a much longer life than actual wood. It is flame retarding and has nil porosity to absorb liquid or humidity, keeping the floor much more hygienic than wood itself. However, the feel of wood on floor is not what can be totally replicated, but it is far outweighed by the pros of wooden floor tiles.
Porcelain Wooden tiles

Porcelain Wooden tiles 

Porcelain Wooden tiles costs may slightly vary and need to be studied in terms of uses and applications before installation.

Installing wooden tiles

Installing wooden tiles in bigger rooms makes for a big impression. Wooden floor tiles are nowadays installed in offices, living rooms, big restaurants and malls. They are positively accepted and installed.
wooden tiles

Interest For Wooden Floor Tiles

Kenya, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, United Arab Emirates,


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