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Thursday, February 20, 2020

what is nano polished vitrified tiles ? | advantages nano vitrified tiles

Nano Vitrified tiles and their advantages

Nano Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are not good on high gloss level. Interestingly, they are not good enough for initial period against liquid and stain. These limitations are overcome by use of Nano-Technology in ceramics.

The technology is Chemical Based Nanotechnology that uses nano particles. The particles are 1000th size of a hair and hence are coined into group of NANO. With a good suspension agent, they are prepared for surfacing the tile. Specially imported machines enable high pressure application of Nano Particles on vitrified tiles surface. These NANO particles fill the microscopic pores in tiles. On drying, we get a 90% smooth and glossy surface which is nearly impossible to get otherwise.

Vitrified Floor Tiles

This invisible smooth layer formed on top of tiles surface have excellent advantages of water and dust repulsion. Repulsion means it does not accept any water even on the surface. It also serves for anti bacterial properties on tiles.

Maintenance of these tiles is easier as they are easy to clean and wash.

While the price of Nano Vitrified tiles is slightly higher, the returns on application are far more attractive comparatively.

Nano Floor Tiles

There are a number of High quality nano vitrified tiles manufacturers in Morbi. They have a capacity in form of machines, people and raw material to provide better tiles. Cheaper nano vitrified tiles too can be manufactured, but they are unreliable. It is better for buyers to look for reliable brands and business houses that manufacture and supply excellent quality nano vitrified tiles.

Vitrified Nano Tiles

Key Advantages of Nano Vitrified tiles enlisted.

·     Excellent water resistance.
·     High stain resistance.
·     Dust repelling properties.
·     Over 90% glossiness(Nearly impossible in simple vitrified tiles)
·     Highly Durable
·     Very low maintenance. Washing and cleaning is easy.
·     Nano Technology material is totally eco friendly.
For best prices of nano Vitrified tiles you can contact us at We will send you our best quotation and price list for nano vitrified tiles

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