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Friday, August 27, 2021

Types of Vitrified Tiles | Vitrified Tiles | Soluble Salts | GVT Tiles

Types of Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles come in a number of forms enhanced in quality by technology and printing methods. The variety serves different purposes.

Nano Polished Vitrified

Nano Tiles

Nano Polished Vitrified tiles are manufactured using Chemical Nano technology where functional nano particles are specially colored and developed into a silicon matrix in solvent (liquid) form. This is applied onto the surface of vitrified tiles. It forms a smooth invisible layer over the tile surface which has extraordinary characteristic of repelling water and dust. It has ZERO porosity, preventing any stain to ever happen in the tiles.

Double Charge Vitrified tiles

Double Charged Tiles

Double Charge Vitrified tiles are manufactured with colors layer on the tile biscuit. This makes a 3-4 mm thicker layer of design on surface of the tiles. It has a very long endurance in high traffic areas, but it is available in fewer designs.

Overcoming the limitation of designs are the Glazed Vitrified tiles, popularly known as GVT. Designed with Digital Printing technology, they have virtually limitless design possibilities. They have very low water absorption, but are not as tough as DC tiles. Further, they are available in Glossy, Matt, Lapato and wooden finishes among others.

Vitrified tiles

An augmentation of GVT is Polishing that makes them Polished GVT (PGVT) which are makes the surface smoother.


Today, in Indian markets, GVT and PGVt are a rage and are accepted due to their dual advantage of excellent finish and numerable options.

PGVT Tiles

Soluble Salts are cheaper version of Double Charge technology where soluble salts as pigments are pressed upto 2-3 mm of the tiles thickness. This process is done before firing and it is done through screen printing. Soluble salts are used to give the tiles’ surface pattern and color. In low traffic areas, these tiles are more suitable due to economical advantage.

These were brief explanation of Vitrified tiles. More expanded content will follow on the same blog. Stay tuned.

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