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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Double Charged Vitrified Tiles

Double Charged Vitrified tiles, the best choice for Flooring today.

Double Charged Vitrified tiles

Double charged vitrified tiles are probably the most recommended flooring tiles by architects and interior design specialists. For residential as well as commercial purposes, they have been the ideal choice of late.

Entrepreneurs of Morbi who manufacture Double Charge vitrified tiles are excited to explain the advantages. This is because of their long life, tough strength and excellent surface properties in high traffic areas.

Double Charged Vitrified tiles

They are a variation to Full body vitrified tiles. They have a layer of design of 3-4 mm imposed on the body of tile at a very high pressure to gel strongly on the surface. This layer is a mixture of raw material and pigments for giving the effect of natural stone. This is not digitally printed and the depth of 3-4 mm appears very much like natural stone, namely marble and granite, due to only chips of natural ingredients used in the mixture.

The body beneath need to always be too strong, saving on costs. The surface however, is pretty strong and lasts long. The difference of the surface and body give it the name double charge. Hence, the pricing of these tiles is more attractive given their life and beauty.

Double Charged Vitrified tiles

Some people argue that soluble salt technology (also called single charge vitrified tiles) is equally good. However, it permits about 1mm of layer. That too is digitally printed. This digitally printed layer is not as strong as the vitrified body.

Double Charged Vitrified tiles

In a high traffic area, surface of such tiles may give away and chips of single layer of soluble salt may break. In such a case, the vitrified body will be clearly visible, making the floor look shabby and old as well.

Double charged tiles were thus introduced to overcome the limitation of chipping in single charged tiles

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