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Friday, September 25, 2020

Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers in Morbi India

Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers

Tiles manufacturing is a challenging business. It requires loads of experience along with huge investment to set up and operate. However, the demand for tiles and mainly Vitrified tiles across the world has increased in the past decade leading to a number of individual entrepreneurs and massive companies investing to become Vitrified tiles manufacturers.
Vitrified Tiles

The town of Morbi, in India has become the prime hub of vitrified tiles manufacturers. With more than 100 manufacturers in the region, it probably can boast of challenging any country to meet the volume of vitrified tiles manufactured in the region. Morbi is already the epicenter of ceramic goods manufacture in India and there is no surprise to the fact that it is now also the capital of Vitrified tiles manufacturing in India.

PGVT Tiles

However, it should be noted that setting up a Vitrified tile manufacturing unit is not same as any other tile making unit. It costs much more and essentially it is more cumbersome in terms of processes and quality control. With so many companies Vitrified tiles from Morbi find tough competition in India. with more than 600 units of ceramic goods producing companies in Morbi region, Vitrified tiles eats up a large share of investments.

Vitrified Floor Tiles

Apart from Morbi, Himmatnagar belt in the state of Gujarat also has a number of high class Vitrified tiles manufacturing companies. Thus in India, Morbi and Himmatnagar together form a formidable portion of Vitrified tiles manufacturing units.

GVT Tiles

Vitrified tiles from India are exported to a number of countries. Major countries where it is exported include Middle Eastern countries of UAE, Saudi Arabia and other. In Africa too Indian Vitrified tiles are bought by Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Tanzania. Select western countries today believe in Indian quality and import small quantities of Vitrified tiles from Morbi, India.

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