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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Glazed Vitrified Tiles | polished glazed vitrified tiles | GVT TILES | PGVT TILES

Digital Vitrified tiles - An Introduction

gvt tiles

The life cycle of different types of vitrified tiles have gone through a number of changes due to needs of customer coupled with advancements in technology.

Vitrified tiles by nature resemble natural stones. On the surface as well as within the body, they form natural looking patterns and veins. However, it is not possible to have any surface look on these tiles.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT)

To overcome this limitation, Glazing of Vitrified tiles were introduced. Glazing was always done on common ceramic tiles. The technology of rejuvenated to suit Vitrified tiles. These tiles were called Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT).

gvt tiles

Glazing gives smooth surface that can be printed on. Screen printing is possible on these tiles. However, Digital Printing technology now had made way into ceramic tiles manufacture. For introduction, digital printing technology is like any ink jet printing. It empowers you to print anything on the surface. Combining both the above, what we get is digitally printed Glazed Vitrified tiles.

polished glazed vitrified tiles (PGVT)

Glazed vitrified tiles are in polished well as unpolished form. The polished glazed vitrified tiles (PGVT) have a super smooth surface and it is ideal for interiors of residential as well as commercial constructions. It gives high gloss and beautiful surface look.

pgvt tiles

Unpolished vitrified tiles on the other hand have excellent anti skid properties. This makes them ideal for exteriors and outdoor flooring.

High definition Vitrified tiles (HDVT)

A variation to the above is High definition Vitrified tiles (HDVT). This not a tile property but more of a Printing Technology gift to ceramic tiles manufacture. It enable High definition printing on surface of tiles, making them look richer and elegant. The high definition appearance is much more appreciable and impressive than normal printing due to more printing pixels per given area.

hdvt tiles

We hope this explanation helps you make informed decision on tile purchase. Do let us have your feedback on .
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